Hi all, hope you’re keeping well.

Obviously all live music in public is off at the moment, but there are lots of opportunities to get your music fix in other ways. Countless acts are streaming live shows from home, recording videos or coming up with other inventive ways of getting their music out there. I aim to get some content to you soon, I’ll post here and on Twitter as soon as I do…

In the meantime, please bear in mind that a lot of your favourite musicians who can’t get out and play are missing out on their main source of income. Musicians are obviously not alone in being affected financially by this, but if you’d like to support them don’t just stream tracks on Spotify, Amazon or Apple Music – buy some product. If they don’t have physical product for sale you can pay to download their music at or can donate to them through PayPal. And if they have a store on their website, that’s probably the best place to buy!

Stay well, and stay home.