New Album – pre-order now

DK - Heist On A Bike_1000 GnBorder

The new album, Heist On A Bike, will be out on all major digital services on Monday 1st November but is available to pre-order NOW on Bandcamp – just check out the SHOP page here on the website to preview all the tracks and pre-order.

The album features the following 12 tracks:

  1. The Sycamores
  2. Strike Me Down
  3. Nearer To Home
  4. Break Us Apart
  5. Run Aground
  6. Shuddered
  7. Magnificent
  8. At My Best (featuring Carol Laula)
  9. When The Devils Come
  10. Kick Out The Fire
  11. On The Road
  12. Stay With Me

2 thoughts on “New Album – pre-order now

    1. Douglas Kay Post author

      I’d love to do a limited vinyl run, but still looking into whether it would be affordable. I’ll keep you posted!

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