Next Gig – Sunday 15th November 2015

DK_AD 31st Oct 2015It was great to be playing live at one of Oxfam’s series of Oxjam music events last weekend. Alan R Davison joined me at The Outhouse for an enjoyable set which also included a couple of Alan’s tracks.

I’m back on stage this Sunday – once again for charity – when I play as part of Edinburgh Omid. I’ve played at the charity’s benefits for the past three or four years and am delighted to have been asked back, and I’m even more delighted that this year I’ll be playing with the band. This will be the first DKB gig in a few months so looking forward to taking the stage alongside Hugh and Alex. The show is on Sunday night (15th Nov) from 7.30pm at Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh. For more details see the LIVE DATES page or check out the Facebook Event Page.


I’m pleased to be returning to live action this weekend after a couple of months break.

On Saturday 31st October I’m playing a special Oxjam charity gig at The Outhouse in Edinburgh, and I’m delighted to say that I’ll be joined for that set by Alan R Davison.

I follow that with another benefit show, this time for children’s charity Edinburgh Omid, which takes place on Sunday 15th November at Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh. That gig will be the first outing with the band since April so very much looking forward to that.

Full details are on the Live Dates page.

New Song…

Thank you to those who made it along to A Songwriters’ Circle at the Edinburgh Fringe the other night, it was great to play a packed room of keen Fringe-goers!

Here’s a little exclusive from the night, a brand new track featuring Kirsten Adamson on backing vocals. Enjoy!

Things are about to get busy, with a flurry of August gigs kicking off this Sunday (9th) when Paul Gilbody, Kirsten Adamson and I take A Songwriters’ Circle down to House Concerts Moffat. The show format will, as usual. see the three of us taking turns to play our songs, talk a bit about how they were written and collaborate on each others’ material.

Thursday 13th then sees Kirsten & I hook up with Alan R Davsion for another Songwriters’ Circle show as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, before I play solo Fringe gigs at the Terrace Bar on St Andrew’s Square on Sunday 23rd & 30th August. Tickets for the Songwriters’ Circle are available from the Edinburgh Fringe Websiteclick HERE.

In amongst those gigs I’ll be doing a further twenty – yep, 20 – Fringe shows with my traditional folk duo The Sorries. For those tickets, click HERE.

Full details of all the solo gigs are on the Live Dates page.

Hope to see you at one of the shows!
Cheers, Douglas

Thanks for Downloading!

Thanks to everybody who took advantage of ‪#‎DonateforaDownload‬ day on my Bandcamp site.

The albums are still there if you want them and although it’s no longer “pay what you want” you can still get them for just £6 each – or only £4 if you go for the limited period “Extras” album.

Alternatively, you can download the albums from iTunes or Amazon MP3, or go old-school and buy the CDs from the shop page here on the website.

Donate for a Download Day

All day this Saturday (1st August) is #DonateforaDownload Day.

For 24 hours from midnight you can download any or all four Douglas Kay / Douglas Kay Band albums for as little or as much as you’d like – absolutely free, the price of a beer or (if you happen to win Lotto) the price of a sports car.

In addition to the four main albums you’ll also be able to download a special “Extras” album featuring alternative versions of certain tracks.

To take advantage, just head along to my Bandcamp page – the link is below. for a Download

Recent Shows

Hello all.

I’m just back north, having gone down to play The Bedford in Balham once again. It’s probably my DK - Bedford 8th June 2015favourite of all the venues I’ve played in London as there always seems to be a warm appreciative crowd…which makes a HUGE difference when you’re on stage! The gig was broadcast live on the web and for the next month or so you can watch it – all you have to do is follow the link below and whizz through to about 20mins in to see my first set, and then about 1hr 15 mins in to see my second.

Douglas Kay – live at The Bedford

The London gig followed a jaunt up to Newburgh the week before for  “A Songwriters’ Circle“,  which turned out to be a cracking night, again in front of a lovely audience. The next Circle show is the 9th August in Moffat (alongside Paul Gilbody & Kirsten Adamson) before I play the special  Edinburgh Fringe Songwriters’ Circle on Thursday 13th August (this time alongside Kirsten & Alan R Davison). Tickets are available for that show by clicking the link above.

Hope to see you soon,